Don't call it a comeback

Posted by Emma Wednesday, February 27, 2019

They say that times flies when you’re having fun and I’m in no doubt at all that that’s entirely true. It also flies when you’re busy, though. And my god, have I been busy!

This site was supposed to be my work in progress - a place I could showcase the things I’m doing, building, learning. Well it was that for a time and then I realised change was coming. I was leaving my job. It was a sad time and I’d love to say that I spent it in mourning. No such rest was awaiting me. I was moving into a role for which, I’ll freely admit here, I felt rather unqualified. I flung myself into preparation for working primarily on integrations; for switching from work on web sites at an agency to working on a product as part of an in house team. How do you prepare for the unknown? Well, if you’re like me there’ll be some crying. Once that’s done with, some time spent on Pluralsight, some time spent reading, some time spent building. I played with Python and built my own text driven adventure game. I started building an Alexa Skill. I became interested in front end technologies and so spent some time learning about Vue.js. I can’t say my approach was strategic. I think the list illustrates how scattergun it was. In hindsight I can say I was flailing madly and grabbing hold of whatever was nearby.

Around that time, I decided to make some changes in my personal life too. I gave up drinking. This not being a place I intend to write about how life-altering that decision was, I’ll spare you the details (believe me I have blogged extensively about this and if you wanted to read any of those blogs, you can hit up It’s a fabulous resource for those who want to quit or moderate their drinking) but in all that motion, I stopped blogging.

So, tonight marks me renewing my commitment to documenting some of my adventures because in truth, I’m doing my work a real disservice if I’m not keeping note of the things I’m picking up, playing with and putting back down again. In recent weeks I’ve been code reviewing pull requests for v8 Umbraco, which has now launched. I’ve joined a team of developers who, under the tutelage of the legend that is Lee Kelleher, will create a package for v8 to help understand the process in this new territory. I’m building a website for a client, my first freelance client in a while. I’m helping to scope and spec the next web project I’ll be building, in the shape of my company’s new website. I’m running a workshop this Saturday for Global Diversity CFP Day in Glasgow. I’m busy as ever.

And as busy as I am, I’m not too busy to write about it. I’d be a fool not to really. So I’m sitting with my coffee (it’s never too late for coffee, people!), waiting for the wonderful Lotte to finish eating her dinner so we can meet and get started on that package. Remarkable what you can squeeze into 10 minutes, isn’t it?

Speak soon.

Em x