I broke it!

Posted by Emma Wednesday, June 20, 2018
6/20/2018 umbraco

Day 4 plans go awry with a couple of ysods

The first ysod kicks in as soon as I push my changes from day 3. I can already tell I'm not doing things in a very organised fashion. First up, I've apparently walked away without commiting those changes. Then there's the tiny issue that I have two repos here but I'm not tooootally sure why. I have to read this again to try and get my head around it. 


Soon as I push I get a ysod on live. Custom errors mode is on so I can't see exactly what is happening and then I realise I'm putting all the content on Live. Interested to see what happens to the content that goes onto local though. And I've just noticed that I'm still doing that. Smh.

So first up the Newtonsoft.Json assembly version doesn't match the manifest version - is this because of all the packages I had to put in on Day 3 to get the site up and running? Probs. A quick google tells me to reinstall the package so I do, using the PM console and chucking in this. 

update-package Newtonsoft.Json -reinstall

This goes and reinstalls it throughout and makes sure all the references are saying the same thing. To do this, I end up using DuckDuckGo which I've picked up as a result of Ed Parry's tweet last week. The summaries are GREAT. Took me a couple days to get used to but I think I like this better. 



Now the blog macro isn't working. I reckon this is because of Models Builder changes that I made. I'm going to go through this thing and get that working at that there will be my day 4. Front end comes Day 5 it seems! While I'm there, I'll sort the blog posts by date but descending.