Posted by Emma Thursday, August 2, 2018
8/2/2018 umbraco 100daysofcode

I've started some things. I've finished nothing.


I'd love to be able to tell you what brings it on but right now, there are just too many candidates. We all know the start of a project is an exciting time. A little way in, that's when things get real. I'm coming out of what is now a week of inactivity. In my defence, that week of inactivity has contained a bunch of actual work at my day job, the usual excellent parenting I do around that, working on a couple of pull requests for the PR team, submitting my own PR to documentation and had that merged, a weekend away in Margate, a few cold beers, 2 novels started and finished, 4 episodes of the excellent and compelling Sharp Objects (I've definitely read the book but so many books ago I can't remember who did it!) and 3 outdoor swim sessions. So inactivity for me, as with all of us, doesn't really mean doing nothing. It doesn't even allow much time for leisure. But it does mean that I've not picked up my 100DaysOfCode. And after a bit of time away, I'm finding getting back into it really difficult.

The first thing that has stopped me is knowing that there are some less fun jobs to do on my site. Thing no. 1 is tidying up this front end. What I can do in terms of front end work ends up being largely driven by trial and error and that becomes dull really quickly. I'd love some hands on help but as this is not work-work, I don't really like to ask for it. I like to keep my 'ask tokens' for all the questions I have surrounding my actual job.

It took only one foray into fixing the sticky nav on mobile for me to hit a wall, feel like I suck and then retreat. 

None of this excuses the fact that I could have been reading. That I could have been tinkering away slowly at something here. But I did think that in the spirit of 'showing my working out' I should let you all know that actually, I got stuck here. And the way that I dealt with being stuck was by not looking at it. And by not looking at it I got more stuck. And the more stuck I got, the harder it was to look at it. You see where I'm going here?

So this is me, back on it. I am going to do ONE SMALL THING and that will become a BIGGER THING and that BIGGER THING will help me to feel good about the direction it's going in. 

Losing the love for a project can be the death of it. I have a bunch of half finished crocheted blankets littering my household as proof of this. In crochet we like to call a thing that we have put down a while but will be picked up again a WIP (a work in progress) whilst we label the sad blankets that will always be the size of a tea towel a UFO (an unfinished object). While it's nice to have tea towels, I am really so proud of the blanket I did finish. I've got to give myself the kick up the arse that I deserve to make sure my 100Days project is a WIP.

Here's one I actually did finish. It took over a year but it's very nice now.

Here's one I actually did finish. It took over a year but it's very nice now.

Thanks to Matt Brailsford for the loan of this slide from his talk at CodeGarden17 on Progressive Web Apps... That sentiment has always resonated with me.