What am I doing here?

Posted by Emma Wednesday, June 20, 2018
6/20/2018 100daysofcode umbraco

Days 1 - 3 of my 100 days of code challenge

I'm putting this site together purely as a project for my 100 days of code challenge. I've done a few days and I intend to keep track of my progress here by showing my working out - as it were. This means that for a good spell, the site will look pretty bad. It will also have little in the way of content and perhaps a bunch of dummy content in. That's all part of the process! I intend to show my working throughout.

My aim is to have a fully functioning, beautiful playground here at the end of my 100 days. It'll be a place to try out new things I've learned and a place I can break things and it won't matter. I hope to get a decent front end wired up, to use best practises in all my back end code and see if I can document it nicely all while I do it. 

Here's what I've pulled off so far:

  • Day 1 - get my Umbraco cloud site up and running. This involved just installation and getting it onto my local too. I've yet to set up with IIS when running locally which is on my to do list. Create a web site project solution in VS.
  • Day 2 - Get models builder API installed and working. Set up models builder custom tool. Change all the views so they inherit the models builder models. Used this 24days article by the brilliant Dave W and the hands on help from the fantastic Nik R
  • Day 3 - Get a front end I will use from Start bootstrap site. I'd love a Pixelarity but they're too pricey for this for now. Found domain name I want but will wait for that. This can do just fine for now. 

Now on Day 4 - this evening I'll start wiring up that front end and see where I get to.