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Posted by Emma Wednesday, June 20, 2018

To Do

(As of 2nd August)

  • Get back into this!

(As of 25th July)

  • Get familiar with CSS3 - pseudo classs/selectors (how they work etc)
  • Restart Js tutorials
  • Study basic coding concepts (again)

(As of 18th July)

  • Smidge!
  • Nested content for thanking people so that all my shout outs can sit in a nice module.
  • Https
  • Redirect www url to non-www url

(As of 16th July)

  • Local IIS sorted (why? I like to but why do we do that?)
  • Get a helper class in to make logic global
  • Play with those property editors Nik sent me
  • Look into client dependency or whatever we call it now or using Optimus to minify the FE
  • RSS feed for the site
  • Domain name
  • Get the project on github

(As of 15th July)

  • Take out Macros - why do we use them? Better way?
  • Work on front end to make it more encapsulated.
  • Partials!
  • Bundles!
  • Put ViewModels in place as well as generated ones (Why? Let's find out)
  • Sort 3 environments
  • Find an excuse to use property value converters